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I love Ann Siang Hill in SINGA

SHINGAPORE     It is a long long time since I visited with my precious friends.
 this time instead of my parents I could stay marina bay sand! Oh  so lucky☆
 My friend makiko introduced many many friends so that I could see NEW SINGAPORE!
First of all,I was attracted with city 安祥城 Ann Siang Hill
walking aroud gentle street under the nice green
 I love 安祥城 Ann Siang Hill
(lovely handmade map by talented&beauty designer Vanessa! Thanks so so much♪)
 I can see many people at cool cafes with PC Walking up slope I can see lovely cats!
 take an afternoon nap? and took wonderful time at P.S.Cafe: funiture is retro,woody, coctail,salada, all yammy! I wish it'll open in TKY〜〜
When I visited before I took same photo with classic Camera!
China town Sri Mariamaman Temple established 1827

to be continued・・・

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